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Balloon Nevada

Carson ValleyBalloon FestivalRides

May 17-19, 2024

Hot air balloon rides at Carson Valley Balloon Festival

Take to the skies by hot air balloon with Balloon Nevada during the Carson Valley Balloon Festival and behold the Carson Valley in all of its spectacular springtime glory! Our balloons will lift off as part of the mass ascension with approximately 25 other hot air balloons around you. As the balloon gently ascents, the valley comes into view, the sky dotted with color and the majestic snow capped Eastern Sierra Nevada to the west.

Plan to be with us for about 5 hour

The balloon flight is approximately 1 hour

Complementary Post-Flight Sparkling Wine Toast


Lowest Rate
14 Guest Maximum
Book Your Flight
  • Approximate 1 hour balloon ride
  • Post-Flight Sparkling Wine Toast


Starting at
6 guest minimum
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  • Everything included in the Enhanced package
  • Private balloon with just your guests and pilot
  • Pilot and crew dedicated exclusively to you.
Let your dreams...

Take Flight!

You only live once so get carried away! Our cost is $349 per person but the memories are priceless. Be the envy of your Instagram followers and live an adventure! These exclusive rides are available between May 17-19 on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you book, the more likely you are to get the date you want.

Our rides are open to the general public but advanced reservation is required. We sell out quickly and spaces are limited so be sure to book well in advance!
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Experience the Magic!

Preview your morning with us every step of the way from your meeting us at Lampe Park, Minden to the post flight Sparkling Wine Toast.

Step 1: 

Pre-Flight Check-in
We will meeting you pre-flight at 5:30AM in Lampe Park at the Balloon Nevada tent. There we check you in and provide you with a brief orientation before one of our staff escorts you to our designated launch site and the start of your adventure!

Step 2: 

Balloon inflation & pre-launch briefing
Once the National Anthem is complete, it's time to fire up our inflation fans. While your balloon is being packed with cold air, you will be invited to walk around and take photos as your  balloon comes to life. The pilot adds heat until the balloon is standing upright. It is now time to board. After a quick review of landing procedures it's off to the wild blue yonder!

Step 3: 

The flight & landing
Up, up and away! With a few final blast of the burner, the balloon takes you airborne with all the other balloons. Your pilot will act as your guide and entertainer while navigating the winds to provide you the best views of the launch and competition fields as possible. Safe flight and a safe landing location always takes presedence.

Step 4: 

Toast & Blessing
Once safely back on ground, your pilot will lead you in a Sparkling Wine Toast and the Balloonist's Prayer while the crew packs up your balloon. After bidding your crew farewell, we'll return you to all the post-flight festivities at Lampe Park with fond memories that will last your lifetime!

Frequently asked questions

Important answers to important questions. Please review thoroughly to make sure you understand our terms and conditions. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us daily between 9AM and 5PM at 775-344-9988.
What is the passenger meeting time at Lampe Park?
We ask that you arrive at the Lampe Park no later than 5:30AM. If you are late or lost, you may be left behind and that would break all of our hearts. Sadly, if you are lost or late and you miss your flight, you will be considered a no-show and will be charged in full? Please review your confirmation email and arrive a with plenty of time to spare.
How long is the flight?
The balloon flight itself is expected to last between 45 minutes and 1 hour however, flight times can vary based on the weather conditions of the days, the wind directions and speeds and the pilot's ability to navigate to a safe landing zone. Safety always takes precedence over flight duration.
How many people fit in the balloon?
Our balloons can carry up to 14 passengers comfortably but the balloon is ultimately loaded based on guest weight.
How high will we go and what will I see?
Every flight is unique. Since we are wind powered and navigate using only the winds, and because different altitudes typically have different wind directions, we choose to fly at whatever combination of altitudes will get us to our preferred landing destination. Typically we find all the directions and speeds we'll need within the first 2000 feet above ground level. You will get a unique perspective of the Carson Valley Balloon Festival, the Carson Valley and the snow-capped Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains to our west.
How does billing work?
At the time of booking, you will be asked to provide a credit card number. No charges are made when you book. One week prior to your flight date, our reservations staff will attempt to contact you to collect final payment. If they cannot reach you, they will charge the card on file. If that card declines or fails to charge for whatever reason, they will attempt to contact you two more times. If after the second attempt they have not been able to reach you and you have not returned our calls, we will cancel your booking and open the spaces back up for others to book.
What is the cancelation policy?
7 Days. You must cancel your flight 7 days prior to your flight date. Any cancelations by you within the 7 day window will be considered a violation of our cancelation policy and will be charged in full assuming we are unable to fill your spaces. If we can fill your vacated spaces, which we will most certainly make every attempt to do, you will only be charged a 3% processing fee to cover our credit card expenses related to your cancelation. If we are unable to fill your spaces, you are responsible for the full amount.
What happens if my hot air balloon ride is canceled due to weather?
If we are unable to fly due to inclement weather or for any other reason where Balloon Nevada initiates the cancelation of the whole flight, you will be refunded in full. The weather is out of both your and our control. I would be as unreasonable for us to charge you for a weathered out flight as it would be for you to be upset with us for choosing your safety over flying. Weather is weather and we will not take your money to put you on a flight in condition that we feel are unsafe. We pay the processing fees if there is a refund as a result of our cancelation.
Can I bring a backpack, purse, camera bag or tripod?
Balloons do not have overhead storage bins and because anything left loose in the basket can become a tripping hazard during the flight or a projectile on landing, we do not permit, backpacks, purses, camera bags, tripods, etc. If there's a chance it could impede or injure someone, we won't allow it. Your best bet is to leave your bags at home or in your vehicle because most likely it will not be permitted on the balloon.
Will I become Instagram Famous?
No guarantees but taking a balloon ride in a balloon festival certainly provides a spectacular opportunity for some great photos of hot air balloons and it's a bucket list item that grabs the eye. You will enjoy sharing this once in a lifetime experience with your followers and they'll enjoy photos. Everyone loves balloons!

Prepare for your flight

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of you and our other guests, please review the following rules closely. If you have any questions, please contact our office daily between 9AM and 5PM at 775-344-9988.



Wear comfortable walking shoes.
Do not wear sandals, flip-flops or high heels
Dress in layered clothing. Long pants are recommended.
Do not wear a dress or skirt
Dress for comfort, not style.
Purses, bags, backpacks, luggage could become a safety hazard and are not permitted on the balloons.
Bring a hat and sunglasses. Sunblock is highly recommended as well.
Drones, tripods, camera bags, firearms, explosives, etc. are not permitted.
Bring your camera and take lots of photos
Absolutely no smoking or vaping
All passengers must be at least 8 years old
Do not fly if you have had a recent surgeries or other conditions that may be aggravated during flight and landing
Children should be at least 57 inches tall and weigh no less than 45 pounds
Do not fly if you use a cane, walker, wheel chair, or scooter
Minors between 8-18 years old must be accompanied by an adult
Do not fly if you have back, neck, knee, hip, joint, bone, Osteoporosis or similar issues
We recommend that someone in your party is able to speak English
Do not fly if you are inability to walk unassisted or stand for one hour unassisted
Children should be at least 57 inches tall and weigh no less than 45 pounds
Do not fly if you are inability to walk unassisted or stand for one hour unassisted
Arrive on time with a spirit for adventure!
Do not fly if you have any significant physical limitations or severe auditory restrictions

Book your flight today!

Advanced reservations are required and with limited spaces available, we sell our quickly. Don't miss the fun and book your Carson Valley Balloon Festival Ride now!
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Official Ride Provider

Balloon Nevada is proud to be the exclusive provider of hot air balloon rides at The Carson Valley Balloon Festival. A portion of every ride sold is donated to the Center for Hope and Healing and Balloon Nevada is and active member and supporter of the Northern Nevada Ballooning community.