Balloon Nevada - Private Balloon Rides

Ballooning in Nevada

You and your guest (or two) will be the only passengers aboard as you float peacefully over the Carson Valley of Northern Nevada, minutes from Lake Tahoe.

Everything you need to know about our private balloon flights.

When we fly

Our private Carson Valley balloon tours take place YEAR ROUND, launching ONCE a day, MORNINGS ONLY and always WEATHER PERMITTING. Meeting Times

How Many Can Fly

Balloon flights limited to THREE (3) PASSENGERS MAX, but we usually fly just two (2). *NOTE: When we schedule a private balloon flight for two, that flight is then full. We will not sell that third space. Weight restrictions do apply. No groups. No annoyances.

How Long We Fly

You will be in the air AT LEAST ONE HOUR with a pilot that has thousands of hours of accident free experience. If it looks like weather will prevent us from flying at least one hour, we won't waste your time or money, and will cancel the flight for that day, NO charges to you.

Where we fly

We fly in the Carson Valley of northern Nevada, just minutes east of Lake Tahoe, 15 miles south of Carson City, and 45 miles south of Reno. We DO NOT fly on, in or over Lake Tahoe.


Please Note: Nevada is a big state consisting of 110,567 sq mi and 2.8 million residents. 2.03 million+ live in Clark County (Las Vegas) in southern Nevada which consists of 8,091 sq miles. That means the remaining 770,000 of us have 102,476 sq miles to ourselves.

The Point: We like being 400+ miles from Las Vegas and those 2.03 million people, and do not offer pick up service on the Vegas Strip. (a top 5 question asked)
How to get here

Don't Get Ripped Off

Please read before buying a balloon ride online!