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Is Ballooning safe for me?
A hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley is a safe and fun activity for people of almost all ages, but it is an outdoor adventure and there are some individuals for whom ballooning may not be appropriate. In particular, ballooning is not appropriate for infants, young children (under the age of 7 yrs), pregnant women, individuals who have done a deep scuba dive within the past few days, and people suffering from chronic pain, have a recent injury or who have recently had a major surgery, anyone who is unable to stand without assistance for more than an hour, someone who requires assistance walking or who cannot climb stairs. You must be able to bend your knees, hang on and absorb shock under your own strength. A safe bet is if you cannot jump from a stool, a hot air balloon ride may not be appropriate or safe for you. Please understand that we will always err on the side of caution and in some cases may ask a guest to refrain from flying. If our staff cancels you because they feel they cannot fly you safely, you will not be charged and any charges will be refunded. Individuals who cannot fly are invited to take part in the “chase” and breakfast celebration, but not the flight itself.

If you have a medical problem which could cause discomfort or be aggravated during flight, please consult your physician in advance.